Speed Options

We offer a variety of speed packages to support your bandwidth needs. Paired with our mesh router system, you can get consistent coverage throughout your home. All of our speed tiers are guaranteed, with no contract and no data cap.


  • Individual Tiers With 25Mbps to 100Mbps Download
  • Minimum 10Mbps Upload
  • HD and 4K Streaming Capable
  • Low Latency Unlimited Data
  • Available throughout our entire coverage area
Limited Availability

WiFiber 300

  • 300Mbps Download
  • 300Mbps Upload
  • More Speed in More Places with our Optional Mesh Router System
  • Fiber Optic Latency and Unlimited Data
  • Available in limited areas to those with unobstructed line of sight to equipped towers

Service and speeds available are dependant on location, line of sight, and quality of signal present on your rooftop