Fast, affordable internet

for Vail and the surrounding communities

An Affordable Alternative

No complicated plans, one fair price and speeds you can count on! Our customers love our reliable service, great support and unlimited data. Check us out and make the switch today — you'll be glad you did!

Speeds you can depend on, with the service you deserve

Consistent Minimum Speeds

Most providers will tell you their "up to" speeds and you may or may not get those. With Rincon Wireless, you can count on the speeds you're expecting as your minimum speeds. Most of our customers regularly exceed the guaranteed speeds!


Low monthly cost.
No hidden fees.
No contracts.
25 down, 10 up, MB per second

Minimum speeds.
Not up to!

Unlimited data usage.
No caps.
No extra charges.

We're Local

Rincon Wireless is a local, family-owned business. We live, work and play in the Vail area. We are invested in our community and work hard to make it a better place!

We've Got Vail Covered

*Map is not a precise representation of our coverage area. Please contact us for more precise coverage info in your area.

Our Customers Say

"Rincon Wireless is like a breath of fresh air. They provide fast, quality internet service and over-the-top customer service." - Beth O.
"Fabulous service, highly recommend Rincon wireless. Service works as promised, fast, reliable, love it!" - Raquel R.
"Since we switched over we no longer have connection problems. We have multiple devices streaming at the same time and we have had no lag issues or hiccups." - Michelle E.

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